Run time:  minutes
Number of tracks: 10

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 26th March 2014

Angel Heart
Lips to Lips
Secret Romance
Where is love?

"Electric Romance", the new full length album released by Anli Pollicino since their 2012 album "Tranceformer", is an upbeat and at times charming new compilation of tracks that seems to focus quite heavily on a relationship and love theme. 

To begin with we have a recap of the band's latest single release. "Angel Heart" opens the album and this way, depending on whether or not you have already heard it, it may or may not set the bar for you. 
On the other hand the track that follows, "Obsession", does grab your attention with a nice introductory bass line and some added electro background sounds that are a little reminiscent of the last album's style. It has a funky rock-pop nature to it and, along with the lovely harmony work between lead vocalist Shindy and guitarist Yo-1, this song has a really likeable quality to it and is also a good track to both sing and dance along to. 

As a whole, "Electric Romance" really is a bit of a whirlwind of an album and you don't quite know where it's going to take you next. You could be forgiven if you are a little bit baffled to begin with but, when you think about it, the nature of the songs altogether do fit perfectly with the theme of the album itself... even if the close to Oshare nature of "LOVE * magical" does catch you off guard a little bit!

Anli Pollicino also treat us to not one, but two, ballad tracks which are both a wonderful breather from the high energy and the cute melodies of the earlier tracks. "TSUBAKI" in particular is a beautiful track in both composition and vocals and will no doubt captivate you. 
The pace quickens once again, "Secret Romance" bringing in a bit of a cheeky jazzy sound, whilst "Where is love?" gives us some more of the electronica elements, but it is "Colors" that ends things with a final up-beat and vibrant pop-rock finale complete with shredding guitars, bouncing bass lines, and a brilliant instrumental. 

"Electric Romance" will be released officially on the 26th of March and it will be available in four editions in total.