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14th August 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
It has been well over a year since Angelo's last single release. This year we don't just have a new single to get excited about, but another album is set to hit stores in November. 
Even a wait this long, Angelo certainly know how to give back to their fans and in the case of new single "OUTBREAK" the five piece band have yet again delivered an outstanding track.
"OUTBREAK" is a delicious heavy rock track abundant with impressive and upbeat drumming (Takeo) and laden with equally heavy bass rhythms (Kohta) and guitar riffs (Giru, Karyu) that switch between grinds and melody skillfully.
Kirito compliments these changes precisely offering dark and sultry vocals to the emotion behind the track but as the instrumentation changes for the chorus, Kirito also adds some melody of his own. 
Behind the heavier tone of "OUTBREAK" there is a subtle piano that frequents through the track however this is so subtle you might very well miss this amongst the guitars and drums and things take an even darker tone for the bridge. Angelo incorporates a slight new metal feel to the track by adding hints of programming and rougher vocal growls that will certainly recieve extra points of appreciation from their fan base. 
"OUTBREAK" will be released officially on the 14th of August in two editions. 
The Regular Edition will feature three tracks in total, "OUTBREAK", "Rebirth" and "Angry Sheep".
The Limited Edition will feature two tracks, "OUTBREAK" and "Rebirth". The Limited Edition will also come with an additional DVD.
27th June 2012
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Rip", the first of the title tracks for Angelo's second release of the year, starts us off alternating between Giru and Karyu on guitar before the full band opens in an explosion of a heavy, near metal, rock mass of sound. 
Along with the fast pace and consistent drum beat (Takeo), the rhythms from the guitar and bass flow together very well, stealing the lime light almost during the seconds in which Kirito (vocals) is not active with a deep growling composition. 
Kirito switches expertly between the raw and more darker anger of his voice, which is supported all the way by the deep grind of the guitar for each verse, to the melodic lift of each chorus.
As the opening track for the Regular Edition, "Rip" serves as the perfect track for those fans of Angelo who perhaps have more liking to the slight punk and heavier roots of the band. For any new release with a song of this kind it certainly gives great satisfaction to the ears especially when a track such as "Rip" boasts all that is favourable from past releases but still offering something new and fresh. 
The second track on the single, "Moment", seems to take things a little slower. The opening seems far too serene, with a softer and calmer feel, up until the moment the guitars make their entrance. 
Although as Kirito begins, you then fully realise that this song will not match the same feel as "Rip" did. "Moment" becomes the catchy, more melodic, and bouncier track that is the one you would sing along to rather than cause chaos in the crowd at a gig. 
Even though we have dramatically shifted styles, there is more to the lead guitar than there was for "Rip". The solo especially is worth a mention and in particular the smooth transition from this solo to the final ending chorus which without a hesitating build up takes us straight in expertly. 
Angelo's newest single release "Rip / Moment" will be released officially on the 27th June and it will come in three editions in total; Regular, Limited A and Limited B.  The Regular edition will feature three tracks including "Rip", "Moment" and a B-Side "The Crime to Cradle".  The Limited Edition A will feature both tracks "Rip" and "Moment" plus a DVD featuring the music video for "Rip".  The Limited Edition B will feature the same however the bonus DVD will include the music video for "Moment". 

22nd February 2012
Written by Kitty Linton
‘Calvary’ is Angelo’s 8th single and one of three new songs that combine the band’s first release of the new year but after the release of their latest album ‘BABLE’ which received mixed reactions from fans the excitement for ‘Calvary’ was just as varied. Angelo are one of the bands that have been in the music scene for awhile, all members coming from the previous band PIERROT and typically retaining a similar sound until recently, as Angelo has had the addition of two new members, guitarists Giru and Karyu (previously of successful bands Vidoll and D'espairsRay) . Will the change of their line-up also be reflected within the new single or will it still stay inside the niche of Angelo’s music?
Those are questions that are almost instantaneously answered with the opening of ‘Calvary’, starting with the burst of every instrument coming together with a harder sound while still contrastingly having the melody of the lead guitar’s slower notes which creates an almost nostalgic quality of music not often heard in current releases. The opening has the tone of a song that could either lead us into a ballad or the complete opposite and with the initial backup growl the pace distinctly goes a further notch up, implying the latter led by the heavier drumbeat combined with the deeper shredding of guitars. Then as soon as Kirito sings his first word, his typically soft vocals contrast with the music, which most of the time can be a good thing and Angelo has managed to pull it off before. However as the first verse continues it sounds as if the vocals are slightly struggling to keep up with the quick tempo of the song until the chorus where he draws his voice out more comfortably.
Already it is obvious that ‘Calvary’ pushes the band a step or two out of the comfort zone of Angelo’s typical sound with both Giru and Karyu’s heavier guitar work that complements one another and adds their own noticeable style to the single. Kohta’s bass is a subtle undercurrent that adds the depth needed, however Takeo’s drumbeat while keeping that faster tempo sounds flat in comparison to the other instruments, lacking the same energy.
The initial awkwardness of Kirito’s vocals in this new style fades by the second chorus, aided by the continuous back up growls and the catchy lyrics. His voice further seems to fuse with the music by the middle of the song, the breakdown where the pace is taken down a notch yet a darker atmosphere is created while Kirito brakes out of that ballad sound with huskier vocals that suit the instruments better. Leading into a short bass solo and shorter instrument interlude before being followed by a slower verse and then we’re thrown back into the upbeat chorus and the pace is back to where the song started until the abrupt end.
Overall ‘Calvary’ is a good song with elements that can appeal to a wide range of people, retaining Angelo elements while additionally implying a new musical direction for the band and is a great example of how change can also be a good thing. However like all new things, the single has its faults that the band needs to work upon and compared with the other two tracks ‘SEVEN DEADLY SINS’ and ‘Forbidden Fruit’, the first probably should of been the single instead. A much needed new beginning that is catchy enough for a second or third listen and gives Angelo new promise.