An Cafe - Hikagyaku Ziprock


Run time: 42 minutes, 37 seconds
Number of tracks: 14

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 13th December 2013

Juryoku Scandalous
ROMAN - Let's make precious love
Hachimitsu plus Lemon
Utsukushi Hito
Gendai Soldier Now
O No Saki Ga Ienai
Shomi Kigen
Itai Onna NO PAIN, NO LOVE - JAPAIN                                                GIRLS in LOVE
Inazuma no Senritsu
Bee Myself Bee Yourself
Kiminomachi - 5 person sing-a-long version
Itsumo no Kiss de
Love Me Tender
Merry Making - anti aging ver.

"Hikagyaku ZiprocK", An Cafe's monster of an album, will undoubtedly be being blasted from many fans headsets this month. 
The five piece Oshare rock band are showing no signs of slowing down, with the next world tour on the way as well, this album showcases most of what we love about An Cafe but also giving us a little something extra to go crazy about. 

"Hikagyaku ZiprocK" opens with a very strong line of tracks from the introductory "Juryoku Scandalous", which gives us an upbeat yet slightly less chirpy than normal song to start with, to "Hachimitsu plus Lemon" that (as if to make up for the first track) gives us double the amount of the cheerful quality we know so well.

Of course not every album is perfect so inevitably there will be something along the way, when listening to the new medley of tracks, that might make you grit your teeth and quite happily skip to the next song. Notably "Gendai Soldier Now", depending on how much you appreciate the genre of chiptune, may be one track that you decide to give a miss. 
Although the highly lively and enthusiastic dance-like nature of this song could just melt any negative first impressions... especially if this is one track An Cafe decide to perform live at their show in London. It might prove quite difficult to not join in with a bit of a boogie. 

Not more can be said of the track that follows though. "O No Saki Ga Ienai" drops all exuberance of the album to instead give us a peculiar ballad track. There is a rather strange feel to this track and when Miku starts to sing the alphabet in almost monotone vocals it just adds more to the weirdness. 

"Hikagyaku ZiprocK" definitely has more bonus points than not, offering a good deal of the cute and infectious melodies but also mixing in a decent amount of heavier rhythmic and guitar elements as well. "Utsukushi Hito" and "Inazuma no Senritsu" are two tracks in particular that really stand out on this album (apart from "Gendai Solider Now" of course!). They are both tracks that, with utter certainty, will get your hearts racing if performed live at the concert in a few months time. 

"Hikagyaku ZiprocK" will be released in Europe officially on the 13th of December.