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How do you feel right now? Knowing that your show at Nippon Budokan will be the last for now? Do you look back feeling wistful?

We have very mixed feelings – the feelings of the fans, our staff and everybody who have supported us, the promise we made with Bou – all of them are too mixed and we don’t seem to be able to handle the feelings easily. But we just wanted to do our best to throw the best show in our career, so that we don’t have to leave any regrets behind.

What kind of response have you received since you announced your pause? Was there any regret, did you also receive reactions of confusion from fans?

Since the announcement, we have received responses through the internet and letters to our fan club. A lot of fans have become very sad to know we are taking hiatus. However, many of fans sent us very thoughtful messages like “Sometimes people need to take a break, I understand.” “Please take a good rest until An Cafe re-start!”, and things like that. All those messages really encouraged us, making us both grateful as well as very sorry for our fans.

ou achieved so much in a very short time. Besides that you are all still very young. What kind of goals do you have for the future?

Teruki: Well… my goal is to be a much more famous drummer who can show his talent at various stages.

Are you already planning any new music projects?

Nothing’s confirmed yet. (Note: However, as of January 2010, Kanon has announced that he already started producing a mobile-based videogame “PinkyDistortion”. )

An Cafe always has been loyal to their Oshare Kei style and happy melodies! Concerning the further development, will there be a new direction with new influences?

We don’t want to change so much that we end up losing our individuality, but also, we don’t want to bore ourselves by doing the same thing forever... It’s quite difficult question to answer!

Please describe your favourite moment in An Café’s past!

It might not be answering your question correctly, but it gave us a very strong impression that we saw a lot of fans crying when we announced the hiatus. It can never be our “favourite”, but it’s the moment that we can never forget.

Please mention your favourite An Cafe album! If you think back... Which album became the most difficult concerning song writing, producing and so on?

We like all of them, but if we have to choose one, we would say “Magnya Carta“ is our favourite one. The album has a very good balance in a various sense, but also maintained a cheap & underground sounding atmosphere (in a good sense). This is a difficult one... ALL of our albums were difficult to create and we had a lot of struggles during the recording, so we can’t pick one!

An Cafe made their first European appearance in 2007. Please try to explain in what ways this experience has influenced the band?

Through encountering European fans and seeing their reactions, we realized why we are recognized among them and how we appear to them.

You have been spending a lot of time together as a band. Will you stay close to each other or will each band member go on alone at first?

Yes definitely. We may probably have a chance to collaborate through our solo-work, and at least, we think we will get in contact with each other and hang around for dinner or something with other members!

Please present some final words to your fans in Europe!

We all look forward to the day we can see you guys again. We are sure that this thought will certainly give us energy to move forward. So, until then, cheer up, keep positive, and make your life wonderful and NYAPPY.