An Cafe @ O2 Islington Academy 2014

O2 Islington Academy
7th March 2014
Written by Lorna Ransome
Photography by Lorna Ransome

Smile ichiban ii onna
ROMAN ~Let’s make precious love~
Wagamama koushinkyouku
Snow Scene
Ryuusei Rocket
amazing blue
Tekesuta kousen 
Bee Myself Bee Yourself ~Jibun rashiku kimi rashiku umareta Story wa hajimattenda
Natsukoi★Natsu GAME
Maple Gunman
Cherry saku yuuki!!

BondS ~kizuna~

It's been two years since An Cafe previously toured around Europe but the news of the tour couldn't have quick enough, the information going viral online and offline, as once again An Cafe offer their fans the chance at a meet and greet with VIP packages. 

Although the crowd seems to have somewhat halved from the last London show, the energy and excitement is just as equaled, even before house lights are dimmed as everyone seems content enough to join in singing along to "Love Shack" by The B52's as they wait for the show to begin. 

As the lights finally dimmed the crowds began to shout and scream, the volume getting louder as each member of An Cafe made their appearance one by one. Once they were all positioned onstage there was the briefest of silences from the band as they looked out as if aniticpating their fans reactions when "Smile Ichiban ii Onna" opened the night. 
Neither the band or the fans could have been disappointed at the reaction. Hundreds of people in the crowd started to dance around in an explosion of energy and An Cafe themselves matched the excitement by commanding the stage and filling it with their own moves and expressions. 

As the concert progressed the band continued to impress with the quality of their showmanship and their choice of material. The setlist was full of fan favourites, from "Wagamama Koushinkyouku" to "Maple Gunman", keeping a nice mix from their "Shikisai Moment" days through to their newer material from "Hikagyaku ZiprocK". 

Although a disaster was narrowly missed as Yu-ki left the safety of his position near the back of the stage and ventured to the front to entice the crowd to shout 'Nyappy!' at the top of their lungs. Between each shout of 'Nyappy' he span on Miku's centre box and during this performance Yu-ki did spin a little too much and it resulted in a brief slip and he came down between the stage and the front row of fans. This didn't seem to faze him in the slightest, laughing it off along with the crowd, and introducing the next song "Amazing Blue".

The happiness was clear on the faces of both the band and the fans from the beginning of the night to the very end. Both An Cafe and the fans throughout the venue were full of smiles and dancing, loving every moment that even the stragglers at the back were dancing away near the bar or on their own in their own space. It was clear that An Cafe were a definite crowd pleaser!
An Cafe ended things on a high during the two song encore with "MY Black heart (cards) LEAPS FOR 'C'" before a photo finish with the UK flag and all the fans behind them. 

Tonight's performance was fun-filled and lively, the older songs tending to go down best with the crowd, and leaving everyone who came along for An Cafe's return more than satisfied and full of excited talk for the journey home.