Written by Kacey Woodham
The light strumming of the shamisen gives the start of ‘adeosu’ a lovely quality of traditionalism that isn’t very common in popular music.  The sound of this instrument has a soothing effect that urges you to close your eyes and follow that sound, all twenty five seconds of it’s introduction before a sudden burst of drum rolls resound and there is a minimal pause.  Fukusuke’s electronic voices floats in with light plucking of the shamisen as well as chimes and the very slight guitar warming up in the back with humming synths.

The verse increases in tempo and a far more bouncy touch to it with involving synth sounds working well with the traditional instrument as well as the usual band instruments and that pleasant voice nicely synthesised.  There is a clear balance between each sound and while the focus is the voice it is not so over powering as some electronic vocals can be.  There is a moment were there is some aggression to the lyrics Fukusuke’s singing before something akin to a chorus begins but the line is blurred between both parts of the song.
The chorus does have a lighter element, keeping the energetic music and the vocals compliment the music as much as the instruments to Fukusuke’s voice.  More of the shamisen plays in its own spotlight before that hint of darker taste returns and the song’s atmosphere alters for only a few seconds. The song continues in this manner until there is a moment when to song appears to come to a significantly short end.  Very convincing in its pause before the music picks up again and continues much in the way it did during the chorus with the bouncy tones.
With a very modern electro sound mixed with the old instrument of the shamisen and Fukusuke’s harmonious voice, the over all effect is pretty interesting. Definitely not for those who dislike synthesized voices but the instrumental should appeal to many if that is the case.  This release comes in two types with the headline song ‘adeosu’ as well as an instrumental version and the song ‘Fighting road’.  Limited edition also comes with the promotional video.