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Greed Greed Greed
Shangri La

7th August 2013
Greed Greed Greed
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Greed Greed Greed" is a perfectly satisfying new rock song from Acid Black Cherry.
The track opens with a fast paced guitar introduction and follows with a heavy drum beat and bass line. The song continues in this fashion and as Yasu enters on vocals the track gains an extra boost of melody to go along with the heavier side. Both the rapid guitar riffs and the outstanding quality of the bass rhythm are intense through out "Greed Greed Greed" but they are no way compromised by the catchy melodies from the vocals. Rather the guitar and the bass have their own sensual flair as you listen to track and the mood you get from this is upped another notch by the charm of Yasu's voice and the lyrics.
The vigor of "Greed Greed Greed" does not stop at the continuous energy through the instrumentation and the vocal work. The instrumental brings some more strength to the track in a ferocious and exciting mix of beats from the drums and guitar riffs that will rightly cause uproar in any venue when hearing this at a performance. 
Now for something completely different. "Kagayaki Nagara", in a complete twist, brings you a piano and vocal b-side which sounds rather odd after the energetic and fierce title track. However "Kagayaki Nagara" is an earnest and beautiful sounding song... probably one that some will need to calm their heart rates down after listening to "Greed Greed Greed" and more so after viewing the video!
"Greed Greed Greed" will be released officially on the 7th of August in three editions. 
The Regular Edition will feature the title track "Greed Greed Greed" plus a second track "Kagayaki Nagara".
The Limited Edition will feature the same two tracks but will also coming with a bonus DVD with the music video for "Greed Greed Greed" and an 'off-shot' video. 
Lastly there will also be a 'Limited Pressing' edition which will feature just the title song and a randomly selected trading card. 

18th January 2012
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Yes", Acid Black Cherry's newest single release, is arguably more laid back than some of the band’s previous releases, but perhaps not so much as to categorize is as a ballad.
With the title song, "Yes", we do have this rather sweet piano and acoustic opening, which would suggest otherwise. However, Yasu's resonating vocals soon come into the mix, accompanied not so far behind by the bass, drums and electric guitar, it's not quite so easy to place this song in either the ballad or rock category. 
Yasu's vocal work for the entire of this single shows outstanding quality and ability. He shifts perfectly between using a mellower tone, complimenting the more ballad aspect, before stepping it up a gear and belting the melodies out, which adds to the more rock quality of the song.
The guitar work also, helps to break that barrier between ballad and rock.  In both "Yes" and "Stop it Love" there are superb solos. For "Yes" in particular, they include a hint of Jazz before closing the song altogether with a chorus of dramatic violins. 
The second song on the single "Stop it Love" is a song that Yasu wrote a number of years ago and is finally in hard copy for his fans. 
"Stop it Love" also begins in the same kind of fashion, so it does seem that with this single the style is definitely taking on a much softer 'pop' element. Making this a great start for the new year for Acid Black Cherry.
"Yes" will be released officially on the 18th of January and comes in two editions in total; Regular and Limited Editions. 
The Regular edition comes with two songs, "Yes" and "Stop it Love", whilst the Limited edition comes with both of these songs plus a bonus DVD. 

5th October 2011
Shangri La
Written by Keita Eiri-Uesugi
“Shangri La” is the latest single from Acid Black Cherry and comes in two editions, Regular and Limited. Regular edition comes with the title track and a track entitled “KANASHIMI GA TOMARANAI”. Limited edition comes with the addition of the PV for “Shangri La” and bonus footage.
The title track “Shangri La” opens up with an up-beat feel with the high vocals and build up into what can only be the chorus of the track. With a lot of orchestral sound and as the vocals finish, it leaves us with a happy, flying feel before the verse begins.
Yasu’s vocal work during the verses is soft and pleasing, with a lot of high notes, lifted by the sounds of the orchestral strings, while the bass and drums give the sound some grounding.
The tempo remains up-beat and quick as each new verse and chorus plays through.
The instrumental maintains a fun and cheery sound for the track as the orchestra begins in the background. The drums are heavy and boosted by the use of the bass drum.
Ending on a dramatic high, “Shangri La” is truly an up-lifting. Fans of Acid Black Cherry won’t be disappointed. 

21st September 2011
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Acid Black Cherry is back with his newest single release "Pistol" which will be released 21st September. It comes in two editions, the regular edition and the limited edition, which also comes with a DVD. 
Both of these editions come with two brand new tracks, "Pistol" and a cover version of WANDS' "Ai wo kataru yori kuchizuke wo kawasou".
"Pistol" takes us straight to business with a truly fantastic, upbeat, heavy rock sound. There is this deep, at some points shredding and other points more funky, guitar and a terrific upbeat drum rhythm that remains more or less constant through out the entire song. 
The chorus however, slightly off sets the heavier rock sound introducing a more melodic rock element.
The vocals from Yasu, which combines English and Japanese in his lyrics, remain consistent through-out, it is the flair of the guitars that gives "Pistol" that edge, keeping the mood for that head-banging moment which is almost certain to happen if this is your style.
"Ai wo kataru yori kuchizuke wo kawasou" begins with a much softer and slightly more pop-rock feel to it. 
The guitars still have that wonderfully deep and rapid element to them, as was in "Pistol", but Yasu's vocals are much smoother than before. The chorus especially, offering a more beautiful melody from his singing, alongside each of the instruments which, still surprisingly work so well together. 
This new single from Acid Black Cherry is no less than amazing. "Pistol" is probably an understatement as far as titles for singles go and perhaps this arguably incredible release should instead have been given the name of a different, more flashier, hand gun of the kind that would have summed up how impressive it really is.