About Kirin Works

                                   Pure, unadulterated Japanese music in the UK.

The idea was created in 2008 by two fans of Japanese music to give visiting artists the promotion and coverage they deserved. However, it wasn't until a strong enough team was brought together in February 2010 that the "Kirin Works" website was created and launched.

In 2012 the website was re-vamped and is how you see it today. A fresher, cleaner and much more organised website and database of writing.

We work on bringing you interviews and live reports from artists that visit the UK, as well as the latest single and album reviews while trying to delve as much into different genres as we can. We have also added a recent feature with our Youtube Channel hosting messages from artists for their fans here in the UK (found on our Links page).

Kirin Works is made up of 3 permanent members who each bring their own knowledge, skills and aspirations to the team.