Abingdon Boys School

Camden Underworld
12th November 2009
Written by Keita-Eiri Uesugi


2 Freedom



4 Nephilim

5 Via Dolorosa

6 Valkyrie


7 Fre@K $HoW




10 Kimi no uta

EN1 From Dusk Till Dawn

EN2 Stay Away

EN3 Athena

Heading the front of the queue for Abingdon boys school are an avid group that had braved the dangerous streets the night before, for tonight’s act, and nearing the rear, and with a lot of shock from fellow Western fans, was a good fifty Japanese fans, whom had all arrived on a coach at about five in the evening.

The lights will then, after the fan’s long hours of torturous waiting, begin to dim, smoke billowing onto the stage as a cry is showered from the crowd... tonight is going to be a night among nights to remember for all involved, that much is certain. Roll on the show.

A chant of “A! B! S!” roars up from the many fans, as the band (Sunao - guitars, Hiroshi Shibasaki - guitars and Toshiyuki Kishi – keyboard, programming and turntables) and their supporting members (Ikuo – bass and Kozy Hasegawa – drums) enter the stage, greeting the fans with waves. With bated breath and with a brief pause, the leading man, T.M. Revolution himself, Takanori Nishikawa finally parts the group and enters the stage to a huge roar from the crowd. His happiness is very apparent as the members turn with their backs to the crowd, forming a circle as the chant of “A! B! S!” continues, and then the band let go, instruments are taken and before long, the crowd is going wild for the music.

As soon as the music starts, the crowd on the right hand side heave forwards, the barrier connecting with the front of the stage instantly, The photographers and press, stuck in such a confined space for a long portion of the gig, were then unable to more and make their way out due to the ever moving crowd.

It would seem that although at first, Takanori is a little reserved, deciding to spend more time at the back instead of verging forwards, however, it is not long before he is entirely in his element, engaging with the crowd in all ways imaginable, and his cheeky little smile is most definitely a pleasure to see.

Both Sunao to Takanori, lapped up the attention sufficiently, not failing to disappoint their fans as Sunao joined many in a communal head banging session. Takanori’s vocals are a force to be reckoned with, what with many fans commenting on the fact that he sounds just as good live as he does on CD.  With an almost Hellish set list and a constant blaze of hits, its mystifying as to how the fans can manage to remain conscious.

“ENCORE!” echoed through the ether as the stage was left bare, the band resting backstage as the fans’ energy and hyperactivity is recharged for the last three songs.

The encore consisted of their new single, “From Dusk Till Dawn,” followed by the hits of “Stay Away” and ending on the clearly appreciated “Athena.” The crowd offering the last of their souls, Takanori tosses himself from his podium onto his followers riding his waves of appreciation.

Amongst the dislocating of a fans shoulder with Takanori’s need to pounce into the crowd, the gig appeared to have an enigmatic drawl to it. It seems none of the long-waiting fans were disappointed with the gig, as was made apparent by their random swarm on one of the band’s roadies on their returning journey to the bus. As the crowds began to disperse, the bird-like chatter of each person’s experience flitting off their tongues, stories of what they enjoyed, and how thankful they were for playing so-and-so a song took control over London.

Much like a twister, abingdon boys school are one of those natural disasters you would really get a thrill in chasing.