Abingdon Boys School


Written by Rachel Yarwood
WE aRE", Abingdon Boys School's newest single release, opens with a guitar introduction followed with a build up which gives you a little bit of excitement or perhaps expectation for something on an epic scale.
As the roll of the drums (Koji) cease, the guitar (Sunao), bass (Ikuo) and drums then become a jolting arrangement which, depending on your own ears, will either sound edgily unique or strange like machinery being battered (or your kitchen pans!). 
However as Takanori (vocals) enter with the first verse, this stops and the song becomes more of a melodic rock song with good strong guitar rhythms and drumbeats. Takanori does add in some odd flat notes here and there which might make you think twice on whether these were meant to sound that way, but his particular vibrato accentuates these notes probably a little too much thus making them sound out of place. 
The instrumental sees the return of what we heard for the opening, the sporadic arrangement, and followed then by a piano composition, which again sounds oddly placed.
"WE aRE" however is a pretty good track overall, but this will probably be one which will see a divide on opinion; you will either like this track, not like this track, or perhaps be lingering on the fence. 
The second track on the single, "Cold Chain", seems to flow a lot smoother than "WE aRE". 
The vocal work are melodically much better for this song and the use of English is a nice touch although having the lyrics handy might be a necessity in some places. 
Not only this but the classical elements which feature in "Cold Chain" fit perfectly this time around and closing seconds are particularly effective as they, along with the guitar, fade out together.
The tempo is slightly slower for this track but the beat of the drums and the bass both seem to work together in unison which, when you focus on this separately, is an interesting addition. 
"WE aRE" will be released on the 5th of September in two editions; Regular and Limited.
The Regular Edition will feature six tracks in total including "WE aRE" and "Cold Chain", plus four other versions of "WE aRE" (voiceless / piano-less / guitar-less 1 / guitar-less 2).
The Limited Edition will feature the two main tracks plus an additional DVD.