A(ace) - Anonymous Confederate Ensemble


Night of the Knights
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Anonymous Confederate Ensemble, more commonly known among fans as their abbreviated name 'ACE' or 'A', have released their newest single "Night of the Knights" in the wake of their upcoming new album "Tale for the Abyss" set to be released on the 8th June this year.
"Night of the Knights" begins with a hammering piano introduction followed closely by guitar, bass, a rapid drum beat, and a chorus of operatic vocals which together makes for a very dramatic opening for the new single.
Nimo's (lead vocals) vocals really hit the mark from the very opening as they are full of emotion, and completely fitting this song style completely, with his melodic and at times wonderfully deep range. The chorus is supported by Rookie Fiddler's backing vocals which give an amazing contribution together with Nimo's own harmonic and lyrical voice. 
Not only do we get to hear Rookie's vocals more pronounced for this new single, but his skills on violin are too, unmistakable through out the song. As we reach the bridge just before the guitar solo, Chouji's (supporting Guitarist for Mucho Gracias) gripping power on the guitar is left out entirely, giving us a clear listen to each of the other instruments perfectly. The drums (Shunji) slow the pace for this section of the song, and together with Toshi's indisputable bassline, they both provide a remarkable and definitive underlying rhythm of remarkable quality against the melody of the violin and vocals. 
The guitar solo itself cannot be denied as a rather enjoyable one for "Night of the Knights", but this song gives ACE fans another surprise with a violin piece towards the end. It was completely suspecting that we would possibly have this, but this positively shows Rookie Fiddler's skills to the extreme with a fantastic and electrifying violin composition wrapping "Night of the Knights" up with a tremendous finale. 
Altogether this new single really leaves you hungry for more. Of course it is all down to each listeners view, but if this is what ACE have given us this time, it is only too clear that for the next release we can expect something much greater. 
"Night of the Knights" comes in two editions, a Limited Edition CD version (with the title track, plus a second track entitled "Fools Gold") and also a CD and DVD version. 
The CD and DVD version comes with both tracks "Night of the Knight" and "Fools Gold" plus the additional music video as extra footage.