July 2012


Kirin Works caught up with A(ace) after their show in Prague.

Can you explain to us how A(ace) formed?
Nimo: I formed the band with Rookie two years ago.

Are you enjoying the tour so far?
Nimo: It’s been really interesting so far! We’ve gotten to go to lots of different countries and meet lots of our fans along the way.

Like tonight, you play some of the shows on this tour alongside Anli Pollicino, how are you enjoying this experience?
Rookie: We’re friends with Anli Pollicino from touring with them in Japan. So it’s good to be playing a show with them tonight. It’s also nice to be able to meet up with our friends and another Japanese band in a foreign country.

Is there one place you've always dreamt of playing? Why this place?
Rookie: We really want to play in England because I am inspired by the music from the UK. For example I really like Celtic music from Scotland. I really like the instruments like bagpipes.
Nimo: Of course! Invite us! I love the Union Jack.
Rookie: I’m influenced by music from the UK from artists like Sting. We also like U2 even though they are Irish.

If you were to dig up a Treasure chest, what would you most want to find in it?
Nimo: Gold!
Rookie: Music!
KW: What kind?
Rookie: Any kind! A kind I’ve never heard before.
Toshi: I’d like to find Heartie’s souls

Your new album, "Tales for the Abyss", is there a concept behind it? Is there a story you want to tell for each of the albums you release?
Rookie: Tales for the Abyss is an album that begins with the first few tracks sinking to the abyss, which is the deepest point, and then after the song Abyss, there is a feeling rising from the deep to the surface.

You have re-released a few of your older tracks like "NUDE" and "Yoake no Anthem" on this new album, how did you decide on these in particular?
Rookie: In Japan they were released as singles so it’s better for our fans if we put them on an album so they can have all the songs.

Your latest video is for Shangri-la. Can you tell us about it?
Rookie: We set Shangri-la under the setting of a pirate party. It was a lot of fun.

Do you have a favourite song to perform live? Why?
Toshi: Sakura because it’s a Japanese song.
Rookie: Shangri-la because it’s fun for everyone to dance to.
Nimo: Kanaria because I can headbang to it and so can the audience


What's the strangest thing you've been given from a fan?
Rookie: Pants
Toshi: Pants
KW: Was there anything special about them?
Rookie: They had Mickey Mouse on them!
KW: Did you wear them?
Rookie: Of course!!

Finally, a message for your UK fans.
Nimo: We really want to come to you soon!
Rookie: We are inspired a lot by English music so we really want to do a live in England!