Kakusei Syupurehicoru
Written by Rachel Yarwood

AYABIE's newest single, "Kakusei Syupurehicoru", is an exceptional new addition and follow up to January's "Merry-Go-Round" release. The band is certainly continuing to impress their fans with original, fantastically catchy, songs this year and this single is no different. 
The first track on the release, also entitled "Kakusei Syupurehicoru", takes things up a notch in comparison to the last single. This new track is powerful in sound, rhythm and melody, beginning with a simple marching drum beat before following with a superb fast paced electro introduction. This soon subsides, the dance element leaving us for the time being, allowing for the other instruments to now come into focus. 
KENZO's drumming continues with an unfaltering beat through the verses and the chorus, Intetsu's bass adding to this with a bouncing rhythm especially for the verses in particular where his bass lines are more prominent than they are in the chorus due to the re-introducing of the electro and synth. 
Yumehito's vocals are also outstanding, adding some additional melody to the already 'oshare' rock feel coming through from the guitars (Yumehito and Takehito), to the song. Yumehito's pitch increases for the chorus to coincide and compliment the return of the electro, this easily being one part of the song which many will enjoy especially, not to mention the fact that the lyrics are not hard to follow so the possibility of catching on and singing along is more or less an inevitability
"Kakusei Syupurehicoru" is arguably more experimental than their last single release, with the elements of dance thrown in along with the pop and rock. These combined have worked really well and serves as a great opening for their newest single this month. 
"Kakusei Syupurehicoru" will be released officially on the 16th May and will be available in three editions in total; Regular, Limited Edition A and Limited Edition B. 
The Regular CD will come with three tracks, "Kakusei Syupurehicoru", "HERO" and "SICs". The Limited Edition A will come with the first two tracks only, plus an additional DVD featuring the music video for "Kakusei Syupurehicoru". Finally, the Limited Edition B will also come with the first two tracks only, and the additional DVD will feature footage of their show held on January 13th. 


Written by Rachel Yarwood
The pure funk and upbeat quality of the introducing guitar as "Merry-go-round" begins, gives us another fresh and interesting sound from AYABIE. Even the song title itself seems to fit the music. From the guitar especially we get this almost hectic (or the feeling of spinning around in circles) sound.
Vocalist and guitarist, Yumehito, also fits this style very well. By taking on a melodious and powerful range with his singing in "Merry-go-round", Yumehito shows us exactly what he has to offer. Even as the tempo takes a slight change for the first part of the chorus, the melody is still there, and Yumehito's vocals are still bursting with vibrancy.
The guitar work from Yumehito and Takehito, and of course Intetsu's remarkable bass lines, altogether keep the upbeat rhythm going at all times through out the song. However, Kenzo's drumming expertly adds to the tempo overall and adapts swiftly between verse and chorus.
Whilst we have this funky opening from the guitar, the drums give three crashes of the cymbals and that is the ultimate que for everything to burst into life, and it does spectacularly. Likewise, Kenzo also ends "Merry-go-round" in a similar fashion, bringing everything to a neat close.
The guitar solo is something that will perhaps be viewed with grace or displeasure. It is rather short and sweet from what we might be first expecting, but nevertheless, what we do get is very pleasant and uplifing.
"Merry-go-round" is a very dancey and, toe tapping at the very least, type of song. It really is a great start for the single, and in it's own right, a damn good song as well. Fans of old Ayabie and those now taking in the reformed, but brand new, 'AYABIE' will be very pleased with this song and with the single as a whole.
"Merry-go-round" will be released officially on the 18th of January and will come in three editions in total (Regular, Limited A and Limited B). The Regular edition comes with three new tracks; "Merry-go-round", "Blind" and "Season". Both of the Limited editions come with two songs, "Merry-go-round" and "Blind", plus the DVD which features a different version of the "Merry-go-round" music video on each.  

Written by Keita-Eiri Uesugi
This will be AYABIE’s first major debut single and their second release since vocalist Aoi left the group.
With gentle chimes leading into what sounds like a soft, airy breeze and tinkling noise, the sounds in the background increasing with the sounds of strings as Yumehito’s soft vocal work gives us a charming, calming, tranquil intro into the song.
The vocals end giving a few moments of backing sounds, and then the instruments spill in, bringing the song up a notch in power. The guitars, played by Takehito, follow the same twinkling sounds given at the beginning.
The first verse is simplistic, with a lot of Intetsu’s bass playing running low in the background of Yumehito’s soft, pleasant vocals. Halfway through, Takehito comes in, with simplistic guitar noises with Kenzo’s drumming upping the up-beat rocky sound.
The chorus is a faster paced version of the beginning, with a little more definition on the on the poppy synth and the instruments bringing a good melody and rhythm to the single.
Another chorus follows, which swiftly sweeps into an instrumental with a pleasing solo from Takehito, a vast range of soaring sounds brings us round to the track’s ending. Those pleasing vocals come back, nice and slow as if a break from the happy rock sound. A final chorus and then the instruments proceed to bring the single to its close in the simple melody that overtakes the song, which in itself is memorable, before fading out on the sounds of violins.
A great single with a cute, simple nature that is sure to make you smile; the composition has an easy feel to it and is a wonderful single to listen too.
“Rysei” is available in three editions: regular editions features three tracks altogether, “Ryusei”, “Lilia” and “Marble”; limited edition type A comes with “Ryusei” and “Lilia” with a DVD containing the PV for “Ryusei”; limited edition type B comes with the same tracks as type A, but with a music video for “Lilia”.


Written by Kacey Woodham
After being a major band for only half a year, ‘Ayabie’ became ‘AYABIE’ with the lack of Aoi as the vocalist most would be familiar with, this change of vocalist is surely something that many long term fans would find sudden and most likely unusual. With guitarist Yumehito taking the role of their lead man and vocalist, anticipation awaits.
With an introduction that feels very much like being drawn into a fantasy, the soft synth sounds do not prepare for the interesting guitar riff, which is complimented by high electronic sounds. With the guitar we also hear the drums and bass playing with their own clarity. After a tasteful amount of intro, Yumehito’s voice glides in with a very smooth quality. As the first single of this new line up for the new ‘AYABIE’ this is a very good start.
The verse is a good display of each member’s talents, with Takehito’s soft strum it doesn’t deter the enjoyment of the song as it was complimented well with Intetsu’s bass line which is more noticeable only for the fact that each note is more frequent than the guitar. Kenzo’s consistent drumming works very well, keeping with the theme of the song and keeping the pace fast enough that you can’t confuse this song with a ballad.
As the chorus begins the soft chimes in the background add to the effect that feel dream like even as the instruments pull together in a way which works very well to up the pace slightly. After the second chorus we have Takehito’s solo which is perfectly executed with skill and the sound is pleasing on the ears and the song feels very much like it would be enjoyed by the whole family.
The PV is full of shades of white and translucent pastel colours as the band perform, flashes of light stream across the screen but never distracts from the band itself, only enhancing the members who all look lovely in extravagant but almost casual clothing.
What is next in store for ‘AYABIE’? With this release we can only continue to expect good things as a great easy listener this is a good start of their new step.


(As Ayabie)
Written by Keita-Eiri Uesugi
Ayabie are hitting back good and proper with “Dramatic” and even those who would like to say that they were not particularly convinced by this band, must take a step back and hold up their hands. This one seems to be a cut above the rest.
Aoi’s vocals are smooth and sung with ease through out the entirety of the song and you realise just how easy it is to listen to this song and find yourself being pleasantly drawn in by it.
However, apart from the opening, end and instrumental of 'Dramatic', there isn't really that much focus on either the guitars (Yumehito & Takehito) or bass (Intetsu). Asides from the aforementioned parts, where there is that spectacular flair with Yumehito's lead guitar, for the rest of the song it's more like he is trying to compete with the others, namely the violin which seems to be culprit and funnily enough is performing the same piece of music. Instead the song is more focused on the vocals, as they seem to drown out and take the focus away from everyone else a little bit.
As the instrumental starts Yumehito steals the limelight from Aoi giving us a short but exciting piece of music. All in all, it could definitely be said that when the lead guitar takes over, along with the drums from Kenzo, this is the definite highlight of the single.
So maybe it would be taking a very dangerous route by saying that “Dramatic” may be one of Ayabie’s best songs of this year? Well let us hope that the next release from them is just as good as this one!