Run time: 49
Number of tracks: 15 & 6

Written By: Chris Hunter
Release Date: 2015

CD1 – Best of Album:
1. Dizzy Love
2. Kissin’ in the Dark
3. Sweet dreams
5. Kimi no sei
6. Bittersweet
7. White Caress
8. Seseragi
10. Akisame
12. HERO
13. Blind
14. Fly through the sky

CD2 – New material and Remixes:
2. It’s alright
3. Bittersweet (HORA remix)
4. Seseragi (KALM Remix)
5. Dizzy Love (Hiroyuki Arakawa Remix)
6. BOKU NO SEI (Original Love English Version)

“Original Love” sees the release of the first Best Of album by Japanese “NEO SEXUAL” Electro pop rock duo ADAMS. Considering that the band only former in November 2011, and released their first album in November 2012 , it’s rather surprising that they have a best of album already, but when you look at what they have done in those 4 short years you can see that there is more than enough material to choose from.

The first disc of this album does a good job of showcasing the many styles of ADAMS all in one place. From the t.A.T.u. style opening track “Dizzy Love”, all the way to the Para Para / DDR Style “One and Only” Adams take you on a journey of style and influence.

The difference in style between some of these tracks can be a little jarring at times, with the album feeling like it belongs to a different band completely when the tracks “YOAKEMAE” and “Akisime” come on. These two track in particular feel like they would put the band in the “oshare kei” genre alongside An Café and SuG.

Overall this album does a good job at showing the range of style that ADAMS has to offer to new fans in a very neat and accessible way, but the style variations could have been spread out a bit more evenly throughout the album.

Disc 2 of this album contains news tracks, remixes and an English version of previous songs.

The disc starts with “TOP SECRET”. The track opens with the repeated words “top secret” over and over until the real intro kicks in and the thumping bass line takes the song for a walk that you want to join in with. You would be forgiven for confusing the intro to this song with the intro for “chase” by L’arc En ciel.

After this comes the track “It’s Alright”. This is a slow burner that gently guides you to the uplifting chorus with its small chimes and electronic beats. This song would probably go well in any Japanese dance club towards the end of the night when people start to get tired and just want a nice tune to bop to.

Next up is a remix of “Bittersweet” by HORA of Shwartz Stein and Kaya. HORA has really helped to add a lot of atmosphere to this song with a heavier feel which actually makes it one of the strongest tracks on the album.

The remix of “Seseragi” by KALM feels almost creepy with its Rammsteinesque industrial elements and clapping segments. The vocoder elements of the chorus and the slightly off tune samples make it really interesting to listen to, whilst maintaining the creepy feel of the song as a whole.

The Hiroyuki Arakawa remix of “Dizzy Love” feels almost insulting to the band. The remix is good, but the vocals on the track are so quiet it’s hard to even notice vocalist Adam’s voice at some points of the song. It is almost as if Arakawa san just wanted to say “Listen to my song, oh and ADAMS are here as well”.

Last up is the English version of “Boku no Sei”. This is a beautiful slow ballad that gives a nice ending to the album with its gently spoken vocals and slow acoustic guitar chords.

Overall this album is a good introduction to the band to new potential fans, and also a good refresher to the many styles available from the band to the current fan base.

“ORIGINAL LOVE” will see a pre-release on November 22nd during the ORIGINAL TOUR.