1st March 2014


How did ADAMs come to be?
Shota: We met few years ago, when we were playing in the same band. I was guitarist, Adam vocalist. Unfortunately, the band came to end quite quickly, but Adam and I kept in touch. Back in 2011, I created my own production company, HIGHFeeL Japan, and Adam called me to ask if I could produce his solo project. It was good, so I accepted, and finally I joined as a guitarist.

Are you looking forward to your European tour?
We can't wait, now it's very close, it's in 2 weeks already! But we are still working on rehearsals, planning, costumes, so we are still not in the real "tour mood", it will come as soon as we'll be at the airport to go to Europe.

Which country are you most excited to be visiting?
Adam: France, Paris. This is a place I always wanted to see.
Shota: maybe Poland, because we had a show planned there last year and we couldn't do it finally. So we want to meet our fans. But also Russia, Sweden. I love Sweden because I admire many bands coming from there. In fact I want to go anywhere!

What kind of audience are you hoping for in the tour?
Ah this is easy and difficult at the same time. We hope many people of course, and many kinds of people. Of course, we have visual kei fans, and also people coming from the manga, yaoi scene, but we think our music is easy to listen for many people, so we hope to gather new fans anywhere.

Are there any upcoming releases you are working on, or that we can expect a date for?
Our new album, SIXNINE, will be pre-released in Europe on March 14, and released in Japan on June 9th. It contains 12 amazing tracks! 

What are your biggest inspiration when writing your music?
Shota (he's writing all the music in ADAMS): I just need time to be alone, to write alone. I don't have external inspiration, but I listen to a lot of international music, everytime I can. All genres, all styles, any country. This can give me the wish and the power to create new songs all the time. 

Do you have a favourite musician at the moment?
ADAM: Vamps. 
Shota: I listen to Icona Pop for now!

Do you have fun when you do your videos and photo shoots? Which was the most enjoyable?
During the 1st one, for Dizzy Love, we laughed a lot. Some images were very difficult to take, and I (Shota) was laughing all the time. Adam is always very strong and serious while shooting. Even when it's outside, and cold, and difficult, he can keep the same level. I can't. I'm always shaking, I hate cold weather!

Do you think social media has helped your fanbase to grow?
Of course, but also our PV's on Youtube. We work a lot with social media, it helps to get in touch with fans. Even if we can't answer to all the messages we get, but as most as possible we run our pages ourselves, and post as soon as we can. 

If you each had one wish, what would it be?
Shota: I wish I could have more free time, alone, to think and create.
Adam: my wish is to meet all the fans all over the world.

Finally a message to your fans in the UK...
We hope to perform there someday! Please follow us and support! Love!