Run time: 49
Number of tracks: 12

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 10th May 2014

1.  69
3.  Seseragi
5.  White Caress
6.  Carry
7.  Masquerade
8.  R-ED
9.  Bittersweet
11. Boku No Sei

"SIXNINE" is the innovative and sensational new album from duo ADAMS. There really is a wonderful collaboration of sounds from the electronica to the acoustic guitar, the heavier rock to the dance and the fantastic vocal harmony work from lead vocalist Adam and guitarist Shota. 

The album opens with "69", an opening instrumental countdown really, and already you feel like "SIXNINE" is going to be interesting and a lot of fun to listen to. 
As "GALAXY", the first full length track, begins it is clear that this view is not going to be far off the mark. There is high energy, a good pace, and quite a bit of electronica to start things off with. Adam's vocals seem to take on this robotic style, with not an awful lot of melody going on, rather sticking to a low tone throughout and it fits in really well with the other elements this song is offering. 
However as we come to the next track this changes rather dramatically. "Seseragi" promotes a lot more melody with nice flowing beats from the drums and also some really pretty vocal work and harmonies during the chorus. Then there is the fantastic guitar solo which adds more lift to this track and combined with the piano element as well, we have such a difference in sound yet the songs so far seem to be placed perfectly. 

"HEAVEN" mixes things up again and this time the piano introduction offers more mystery to the theme. This track will most probably win in the eerie, if a little odd, category however the dramatic sense you get from this song plus the heavier guitar work will definitely make this one of the songs to get excited over for their live shows across Europe this spring. 
"White Caress" and "Boku no sei" will be up there on the other end of the spectrum as the songs that will tug at your heart strings and your tear ducts. Adam's vocals are really beautiful in these two songs, giving them a lovely and emotional resonance, the music gorgeous to listen to and something that will remain in your memory for a long time. 

Of course this is not all. We still have a few more 'fun' tracks like "GALAXY" which opened the album. Two in particular are "Masquerade" and "Bittersweet". 
Whilst "Masqerade" homes in on the electronica and dance once more, with particularly good percussion work as well, "Bittersweet" takes things a couple more steps further. This song is heavier, but still with an abundance of melody and background sounds that will have you dancing one minute, then singing, then headbanging furiously and then dancing once again. This is another song that will get the audience excited and going crazy over for those live performances!

ADAMS' full album, "SIXNINE", will be available to buy at their shows on their European tour, otherwise the album will be available on Amazon and iTunes from the 10th of May.