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Rorschach Inblot

9th November 2011
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Ryo (Vocals), Hati (Bass) and Uta (Guitar) who make up the band 9GOATS BLACK OUT are set to release their newest single of the year, "Draw", on the 9th of November. 
"Draw" features three tracks in total, "Kanbi na Shigai", "Lilith" and "Keibetsu". There is only the one standard edition, so there is nothing extra and no added DVD's or songs, just three tantalising new songs for each fan to sink their teeth into. 
There is a wonderful mix of this melody and a heavier element coming through from Uta's guitar which offers a darker undertone to "Kanbi na Shigai" just like a story from the brothers Grimm.
Takumi (supporting 9GOATS BLACK OUT on the drums) offers this great upbeat rhythm, keeping to a nice 'marching' stylised drum roll for the verses which work perfectly with the consistent and clear bass-lines from Hati, changing the beat with ease along with the bass and guitar for the more heavier side of the song. 
The tempo of the drums and also the melodies change once more before Uta's solo, but this time adding a gothic, and slightly eerie, feel to the song which is then only enhanced by the actual guitar solo itself before swiftly switching back to the more melodic and fantastical style to end with.
"Draw" is a remarkable single from 9GOATS BLACK OUT. Each track is separate in sound, the haunting but charming "Kanbi na Shigai", the jazzier elements of "Lilith" then the upbeat rock sound of "Keibetsu" shows that they are working different elements together but yet still sticking to their own accomplished style.
10th August 2011
Rorschach Inkblot
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Only the second single for 9GOATS BLACK OUT and this time we’re given two tracks to indulge in.  The band already appears to take us on a journey of the softer side of music but will this release be as soothing as their previous single ‘Sleeping beauty’?
With quick strumming of an acoustic guitar to start, we are dropped into a exotic but subdued track which softens as Ryo begins to sing with smooth deep notes and the high octave of his voice that lifts into the verse. Matching well with the tone of the instruments it isn’t over powering nor does it grate as he holds his notes well.  Rhythmic drumming and almost none existing bass subtly keeps the song gliding along with the whispers of the vocalist.
There is a sense of hush before the chorus begins and the pace increases some and the guitar returns almost to the quickened pace of the intro.  Ryo’s voice draws out a long high note with ease and the music effortlessly lulls you with a strange dream like ability.  The repeat of the chorus only pushes that lovely voice further as it reaches a height that is unexpectedly carried off very well. 
The dips in the song, which offer a moment to dwell on a slightly darker implication before vanishing with a short electric guitar solo, break up the leisurely soft song nicely before returning to that unique mixture of caressing vocals and subtle instruments.
The over all affect of ‘Rorschach inkblot’ is alluring and relaxing with well played music and a pleasant voice to listen to.  This single only comes in one type and the second song on this single, ‘missing’ has a similar feel to it.  If you’re after something different and unusual, 9GOATS BLACK OUT are something worth trying.