Kirin Works sat down for a press conference with OZ before their debut in London.

What does the music of OZ mean to you?

Natsuki: The Music of OZ is like Beauty and Corruption. We play beautiful music and then the wild side of being on stage and with the fans we make this even more beautiful...We are beauty and corruption...this is what OZ is.


You have a really hectic schedule? What do you do when you get time to relax?

Natsuki: We don't really have time to ourselves because our schedule is too tight.

Aki: Tama has coffee time, this is his relaxing time.

Nao: I have the same as Aki, I brought miso soup and different foods over from Japan and when I sit down to eat and drink this it is time for me to relax.

Natsuki: I like to watch anime, I have been watching Yu Yu Hakusho


What do you hope to acheive by the end of the tour?

Natsuki: We can stay alive and healthy and get back home safely! But we will try to play the best we can while we are here...


What is the biggest challenge you have had as a band? And how did you overcome it?

Natsuki: The European tour has been our biggest challenge, this is our first time out of Japan and there are so many different places, so we get confused with names and places...and because we don't have much time to ourselves this is all very difficult to understand.


How has the tour been so far? Do you have any funny memories?

Nao: We have enjoyed the tour so much.  Even with a tight schedule it is very exciting and we very get curious about the cities and countries we visit, so we go and buy coffee ourselves just so we can use the money.

Natsuki: I went to KFC yesterday in Paris, I wanted to eat chicken...One piece of chicken. I said this to the man and he didn't understand me...I said "I want one chicken and one hot coffee" and instead I got six pieces of chicken, hot coffee and potatoes! Oh no!  They didn't understand me...

Aki: Yesterday night, Nao took a shower and wanted to dry his hair...he didn't think and plugged in the hair dryer, but there wasn't a power converter in there, so the hair dryer just went crazy and moved around everywhere like it was dancing...and now when we try to use it, its just empty and dies...

Nao: It was Natsuki's hair dryer...so now he can't use it


Do you think there is a big difference between Japanese and European fans?

Nao: European fans are much louder...They are also more excited about waiting for a long time, they show their emotions and just scream a lot more than Japanese fans do.

Natsuki: The crowd is so powerful and wild! I did some stage diving at the last gig which I would never do in Japan! But they are so strong and carry me around then they bring me back when I asked them, I never normally would ever do this but they were so emotional I just jumped and let it happen!


What advice would you give to other bands who are just starting out?

Nao: If people like the same kind of music and into the same things, then they can really get along and make really good music out of it..and they have to get a long with each other, and need to have the same passion. 

Aki: They have to respect each other, we do not make decisions on our own, if we have an idea we will ask around and compromise on the best idea.


Do you feel as though it is harder to make a connection with European fans because of the language barrier?

Natsuki: We have a lot of trouble with the language when playing a show, but we always try to scan everyone in atleast the first two rows. We see how they are reacting to our music through their smiles and emotion, then use this to how we shall be playing to them and how to deal with the language problems.


What is your ultimate goal as a band?

Tama: We want to be at the point where we can't walk the streets anymore. We want to be stopped and surrounded, followed by people who know us because we are so famous.


What is your favourite song to perform live?

Aki: Sky high

Nao: Seventh Tier

Zukki: Detox


Do you ever argue amoungst yourselves? Or do you all tend to just get along?

Aki: We have known each other like forever...since school except for Zukki, so we know all the good sides and bad sides of each other, of course there is always something we dont like at one point but we already know this and dont complain and they do not complain, so it doesn't get us to the point of arguing. Zukki hasn't been in the band as long but he has already got to terms with the atmosphere of the band and is really good at knowing us all already. Also since he is younger then us he creates a nice 'younger' atmosphere into our 'older' atmosphere...So we really all get a long with each other.


Thank you and enjoy the show!

All: Thank you!



Special thanks to Flavia & Chris of Blast Radio and to Chantelle & Chris from InthePit Magazine.